Welcome to Chennai Stonce Clinic

  This website, launched by Dr M G Shekar, Consultant Urologist, Chennai is the son in law of the Repute Prof Dr D Thanikachalam Retd Honorary Prof of Urology, Madras Medical College. This website is intended to educate, and to make the standard treatment protocol to reach the common public in a standardised manner. This web site offers you and your family the details of the advanced treatment in urology, advantages of keyhole surgery and laparoscopic surgery in urology, helps in deciding the optimum treatment based on the discussion with our team and also the information about the care you will receive at our Clinic and affiliated Hospitals for Urology & Laparoscopy. With years of experience, our board certified team are highly skilled in all the aspects of general urology. Utilizing the latest technology for diagnosis as well as medical and surgical treatment, we are recognized experts in the fields of stone treatment, laparoscopy, infertility, pediatric urinary problems, urinary incontinence and the treatment for urologic cancers of the kidney, prostate, and bladder.