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Performed for urinary incontinence following obstetric injury or hysterectomy in the past. Patient complaints of constant bed wetting after surgery.


Incidence of obstetric injury or hysterectomy operation had reported sometime with vesico vaginal fistula with constant bed-wetting. At least six weeks should be allowed after primary surgery before VVF repair to reduce tissue edema. Kidney function, USG, IVP and Cystoscopy should be performed before VVF repair for the evaluation of the case & surgical planning of VVF repair.

Benefits of Laparoscopy Surgery

  • Shorter Hospital stay
  • Earlier return to your routine work
  • Cosmetically vary small scar
  • Less pain after operation
  • Best fertility enhancement & Fertility results following Laparoscopy
  • Video-live operative file available in CD/DVD for future reference (Transparency about surgical procedure).
  • The possibility of post-operative adhesion formation will be less, and the possibility of pain because of post-operative adhesions will also be less.

Special advantages of laparoscopic VVF repair are

  • Better pain relief after operation
  • Less chances of redo surgery again
  • Comprehensive and anatomical repair of bladder defect repair better